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The Rockman has created the name, the sound and the notoriety of the brand.

The Rockmodules, introduced in 1986, rapidly became the core of SR&D's offer, and more than 20 years later, are still what the collectors look for.

The Rockmodules were all designed to be high-end analog devices, and it's still what they are today: the manufacturers having targeted their efforts in the digital domain, the overall quality of the Rockman half-racks has been sometimes equaled, but no manufacturer can claim he has a complete range of analog guitar gear at this level of quality.

There are roughly three categories of Rockmodules:

  • The amp simulators (Sustainor and Distortion Generator)
  • The sound processors (EQ, Compressor, Smart Gate, Chorus, Echo)
  • The control devices (Midi Octopus and Dual Remote Loop)

It is difficult to compare the Sustainor and its derivation, the Distortion Generator, with today's gear: they are defined more by their sound than by their qualities, and one may like this sound or not.

The Midi Octopus was copied several times by other manufacturers (though a midiswitcher is not something that you can find easily), and after all, it is not an audio device.

But the sound processing modules are all references in their category, even today.

That's what makes the Rockmodules unique: the Rockman Stereo Chorus is the best stereo chorus, the Instrument EQ has no competitor, the Guitar Compressor is unequaled, etc...

Let's review all these magic boxes one by one, in detail. Then all you'll have to do is to try to buy them and make your own opinion!


Instrument EQ


Stereo Chorus

Stereo Echo

Guitar Compressor

Smart Gate

Distortion Generator

Midi Octopus

Dual Remote Loop

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