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Drawing a caricature of the basic guitar player is easy…

  • Gear is everything, playing is natural

  • In a band, the key member is the guitarist

  • In a song, the key part is the guitar solo

  • The best way to prove it is to turn the volume up

  • The objective of life is to find the perfect sound

  • Getting the right sound implies having more gear

  • Turning the volume up is necessary to show how good your sound is

  • A big cab is necessary to prove that you can play louder

  • Etc… etc…

Great: it’s nice to confirm that guitar players have a huge ego, and that their own personal sound is more important than anything else.

But the aim of the game is to have a good band sound. Not to duplicate the NAMM show on stage!

The addiction of guitar players for gear is a complex phenomenon, and I’m no psychiatrist… But there are a few facts that anyone can see:

  • Tube amps are still alive, more than ever, though everyone knows they have serious drawbacks

  • People are still fond of cheap stompboxes, though everyone knows they are a technical heresy

  • Complex rack systems and sound processors can get good, and sometimes impressive, individual sounds, but it’s much easier to sort out the sounds that can be used than to get the right sound out of them

  • The sterile debates about tube vs solid-state, digital vs analog are always on, though no one can tell which is which when he hears it on a record…

Well, it would be a little naive to claim that Rockman is the perfect answer to all these issues, but all in all, Rockman is a solution that has one quality: it addresses these four items, and provides a reliable, efficient and professional answer to the four of them…

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