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Complete tracks recorded with Rockman gear

Rough samples

Rockman gear is not only collectible and technically interesting. Guess what? You can play music with it!

The purpose of those samples page is not to remind us what was actually made with Rockman gear: you can listen to ZZ-Top, Billy Idol, Joe Satriani and, of course, Boston records to hear what these boxes can do in their classical range of application.

This page intends to demonstrate what someone can do today, in 2007, with the Rockmodules and the Rockman headphone amps. Two sections here:

  • Complete musical tracks, in various moods and contexts
  • Rough samples, showing what really comes out of the box, without the production licks and tricks

Complete tracks

If you think that Rockman stuff sounds only like Boston, if you think that a Telecaster is a country and western guitar; if you think that you need two 4x12' cabs and a dozen of mikes to get a good guitar sound, and if you think that multi-tracking guitars recording requires a $15000/day studio: listen to these tracks. I'm not a sound wizard, I'm not an international guitar-player, and here's what I managed to at home on my PC, with the huge help of my Rockman rig.

No miking, the rack is directly connected to the soundcard!

PS: Mr Scholz, if you had time to design something for singers-without-a-voice like me...


Shine on you crazy diamond

This Pink Floyd's 13'30" suite is a myth. Here's a complete remake, all the guitars and sax parts being recorded with a Rockman Sustainor

Distortion Generator

Parisienne Walkways

Wanna hear what sustain means ? Listen to this cover of Gary Moore's standard, recorded with a Rockman Distortion Generator and a Rockman Stereo Echo. The background arpegios are based on the Rockman Sustainor's CLN2 sound, played through a Rockman Stereo Chorus

Guitar Compressor


Shadows' major hit, with a Rockman Guitar Compressor and a Rockman Stereo Echo on the two lead guitars.That's what natural chorus is...

Ultimatum Stompbox

Nine by nine

Originally played on a fiddle, this instrumental by John Dummer topped the french charts in 1972. I have used the Ultimatum Distortion Generator with various settings here to get this full sustain along with a strong attack. The rythm guitar was recorded through a Guitar Ace.

These covers as posted here for free, with no commercial intent. They must be considered as technical demonstrations of Rockman gear's capacities, and people are highly encouraged to buy the original versions by the original artists.

Some personal compositions here, all of them being recorded with a Rockman Distortion Generator, and sometimes the UDG.

Volcano Ride

A long track, with a long, moody first part, then a guitar explosion introducing a classic rock development.

Limousine en nuit

A personal composition that shows what a pair of Rockman Instrument Equalizers can do with a Rockman Distortion Generator.

Thème pour le voyageur

Composed in 1982, entirely revisited for synths and electric guitars. My first attempt to layer guitars with Rockman gear.

Rough samples

No cheating here: the axe, the effect, the soundcard. No preparation: these are various rough samples I made when I had to explain on the internet boards what such and such effect does. Don't expect musical quality or instrumental wizardry! I find them interesting, cause it's the best way to understand what an effect really does, which is impossible to guess when listening to a post-produced record.

Power Soak samples

Jamming along with Rory Gallagher (Cloak and Dagger). Mesa Boogie, Gain at 7 and Master at 5. Power Soak at -32dB. Miked with an SM58.

Model I

Power Soak Model I : first model, 1981, no solid-state switch

Model II

Power Soak Model II : second model, 1982, with solid-state switch

Model III

Power Soak Model 3 (PS3): 1992 re-issue

PS1 vs PS2

Power Soak Model I (1981), Left Channel - Power Soak Model II (1982), Right Channel

PS3 vs PS2

Power Soak Model 3 (1992 reissue), Left Channel - Power Soak Model II (1982), Right Channel

Distortion Generator and Sustainor

Autoclean demo

Distortion Generator + Stereo Echo. I used the Autoclean to get that magic control by the guitar's volume pot, going from clean to distortion at will.

Distortion generator demo

Distortion Generator, alone. From bluesy light overdrive to classic rock then heavy saturation, just by adjusting the Distortion Harmonics switch.

Sustainor vs GC&DG

Distortion Generator in the left channel, Sustainor in the right channel, with the same input. Then a Guitar Compressor vs the Sustainor (CLN, then CLN2). Make your choice!

Rockman Headphones Amps - CLN sound - Reverb and chorus demo

Rockman dry sound

The Rockman headphones amp, without effect. Made with a Rockman Ultralight, in CLN position

Rockman's reverb

The same thing, with just the reverb - Rockman X100 headphones amp, CLN.

Rockman's chorus.

The Rockman stereo chorus sound - Rockman X100 headphones amp, CLN.

Rockman's chorus and reverb

The "normal" sound of a Rockman headphone amp, CLN.

Rockman Stereo Chorus demo

Rockman Stereo Chorus Normal sound

Straight Rockman Stereo Chorus sound


Deeper and stronger detune effect

Sweep stop

Stereo fixed separation with a very short delay

Saturation and chorus

The secret of the real big sound...

Rockman Stereo Echo demo

A guitar solo recorded for the CD of a friend


The rough guitar take without processing


The solo within the mix

Rockman Stereo Chorus/Delay demo

Mono chorus

Dry sound, then normal setting, then long-chorus. Mono mix for a deeper effect

Stereo chorus

Dry sound, then stereo effect

Delay section

Dry sound, then stereo short slapback, then reverbish sound

Ultimate Distortion Generator demo

Min setting

Since I've been loving the blues...

Mid setting

Classic rock, classic riffs

High setting

The ballsy sound of the UDG!

Rockman XPR demo

16 presets

A compilation of short pieces based on the 16 first factory presets of the XP Series

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